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Money games online are a fun way to spend some free time and here we’ve designed a great site where you can come and play your favorite games! Play Perfect Money Games is an online casino powered by a crowdfunding platform named MyTrafficValue. In this article, we will describe the features about this online casino and show you how you can play money games online.

Why Play Perfect Money Games?

You can play your favorite favorite casino games without the need to register – simply make a deposit from your Perfect Money account and you are ready to play!

It’s so simple as in 1, 2, 3…

All transactions are done through Perfect Money, an international payment platform supported world wide. 

You can start adding funds to your balance from 1 USD and the very first deposit will create an account for your automatically – if enabled, you can enjoy a Deposit Bonus of 100%

We have a maximum of 5,000 USD per deposit and there’s a small fee of 0.5% on every deposit transactions. 

Don’t have a Perfect Money account yet? Check out our guide to get started with a free account!

With 20+ different casino games, you can choose from a wide variety of the most popular and classic casino games here! Check the most trending games in your dashboard and try a few bets on your own to see why these money games online are our members’ top picks! 

For every game we show the next result encrypted via the MD5 hash algorithm. Don’t take our word for it, play and confirm the fairness of our games yourself!

What comes in, comes out! You can request your money anytime. We have a team dedicated to reviewing all withdrawals to ensure to most fairness to all players. 

Cashouts are checked many times through the day and we do our best to process all requests as fast as possible.

The minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts are 1 USD and 1,000 USD respectively. We charge a small fee of 1% per cashout. 

What Games Can I Play?

We offer 6 different game categories: Table/Card, Slots, Random Numbers, Jackpot, Scratch and Skill games.

All of our games have been designed and built from scratch. Each game comes with their rules for best experience. 

Depending on the game type, you’ll see different bet amounts. You can play money games online from as little as 1 cent ($0.01)! 

We highly suggest to get started with the infamous Coinflip Game. If you’re more visual-oriented, then Money Slots is definitely where you want to start off.

Play Money Games Online With Transparency

We want you to feel comfortable at Play Perfect Money Games. Rest assured that you’re playing in a safe and reliable enviroment. 

In your account panel, you’ll find a section to display your Deposit, Plays and Withdrawal Logs which you can validate anytime. 

About Our Affiliate Program

Are you good at promoting? Know people who enjoy gambling?

Tell your friends about Play Perfect Money Games by giving them your referral link, shown in your dashboard!

You will earn up to 1% commissions of total wages they make in our games! Also make sure to check out our promotional materials! Referral commissions are synchronised and paid once per hour.

Use our promotional banners to invite your friend and advertise.

Play Perfect Money Games and you will get a percentage of the wages they make as commission playing out games!

Onboard the best Perfect Money casino out there! Experience a clean, elegant and reliable casino to play money games online. Sign up now by clicking on the button below.

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