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WAGERING COMPETITION 20th April - 30th April

From 20th April 00:00:00 - 30th April 23:59:59 some games are eligible for a wagering competition where top 5 wagerers will win big cash rewards!

Read more, play and compete yourself!

Bonus Terms and Conditions

Here at PlayPerfectMoneyGames we offer various and constant bonuses to our members to give you that extra chance at catching those big wins and to give you more play time!

To get one of our bonuses all you have to do is to simply opt-in when making a deposit, and after the deposit is confirmed your bonus will be immediately reflected in your account and available to play our games with as any other money deposited or earned. You may have several bonuses active at any time.

*Bonuses apply to NET deposit amount.
** ALL Bonuses once claimed are non-reversible, and must be cleared before a cashout can be requested

Bonuses we offer:
More information on bonuses
Bonuses are based on your deposit amount and add a specific additional percentage of extra balance to play with to your balance. Please note, that when opting in a deposit bonus, there are certain wagering requirements you must meet before you may request a new cashout for any active deposit bonuses you have. Until the wagering requirements are not cleared you will not be able to request a cashout. Once you clear the wagering requirements in full, you will be able to request cashouts again. To see your active bonuses and how much of wagering requirements you still have to clear please visit the cashout page.
How do wagering requirements work?
Each bonus has a specific wagering requirement to clear – a multiplier of the deposited and bonus sum, which you must clear by betting on any one of our games.

For example, if you make a $10 deposit ($9.95 NET) with a 100% bonus that has a 70x wagering requirement, you will be required to clear wagering requirements of a total ($9.95 + $9.95*100%)*70 = $1,393 .

Betting on different games may contribute differently towards clearing the wagering requirements. For example, while a game of Keno or most slot games will apply a 100% clearing (100% of bet value will be cleared from wagering requirements – i.e. a $1 bet made will clear $1 worth of wagering requirements) towards wagering requirements, some games might apply a smaller percent of bets made towards clearing the wagering requirements. For example, a game of Coin Flip will apply only 25% of bets made towards wagering requirements (i.e. $1 bet made will clear only $0.25 worth of wagering requirements).

Please see the below table for the full list of what ratio of bets made on a specific game, will count towards clearing wagering requirements.

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