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Money Slots description and game rules

What is Money Slots?

Money Slots is a multiline slot with 9 lines (no left-alignment of symbols required), wild symbols, scatter symbols that start a bonus game, double up option after any win, and a set of cool sounds, to make the gameplay more dynamic! It's simplicity and fast pace will allure many of video slot fans!

In-game Money Slots screenshots

Money Slots

Money Slots game rules

  1. Select bet by selecting the coin value, how many coins you wish to bet on each line, and how many lines you wish to play on. See the in-game rules for more details on lines, minigame and payouts.
  2. Press spin to spin the slot!
  3. Check the in-game rules for an exact list of winning combinations. The wild symbol will replace for any other symbol except scatter.
  4. 3x scatter starts the bonus game, where you have to unlock 2 of the chests to collect your winnings.
  5. You can always choose to try your luck and double up your winnings up to 5x times!

Money Slots Tips & facts

  • Play on 9 lines for most fun and fastest pace of the game. It does not change the game statistic at all, but creates better game dynamic!
  • Double up functions is a "true 50-50" game, with no additional house edge factored in!
  • The game house edge is 2.9% - see in-game statistics for further details.

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