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The thrill when playing casino games transcends mere entertainment – it’s a symphony of anticipation, strategy, and the electrifying rush of luck. In the dynamic world of casinos, each spin, or roll of the dice carries the promise of excitement, making every moment a potential jackpot. Join us as we unveil everything about the favorite casino games that keep players coming back for more. 

In 2015, a team of entrepreneurs, investors, and developers who have created multiple businesses and services online decided to embark on a stand-alone Perfect Money casino to explore the gambling niche during a time where the earning money online sites were surging considerably.

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Play Perfect Money Games is an online casino built with +20 of your favorite casino games completely from scratch.  It allows users to engage in various games using Perfect Money, a secure and versatile digital currency. Whether you’re an experienced player or new to online gaming, this platform offers an array of games to suit different preferences. Perfect Money, as the chosen currency, ensures not only a thrilling gaming experience but also a secure and streamlined financial transaction process. In this blog post, we will explore the features of Play Perfect Money Games, explain how it works, and guide you on where to find this innovative platform for your next immersive and financially savvy gaming experience.

How does Play Perfect Money Games work?

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One of the best features of this online gambling platform is its unique way to get started. There’s no registration process! You make a deposit starting from USD$1 and you can begin playing your favorite casino game. The only requirement is to have funds on Perfect Money. 

If you need help to create a Perfect Money wallet, make sure to check our guide to signup to Perfect Money here.

After you have access to the casino, you can start browsing all the games available. Select the category of your choice to filter the games as needed. Most of the games have a minimum bet of USD$0.05 but you can find others that start from even 1 cent only.

Every game has its rules to better understand the gaming and payout terms. However, all games are pretty simple and you can get straight to bet on all of them and learning along the way.

We prioritize accessibility and efficiency in your gaming experience. With a minimum deposit and withdrawal limit of just USD$1, we ensure that everyone can participate in the excitement of our games. For the ease of transactions, deposits come with a modest 0.5% fee, while withdrawals incur a 1.00% fee. The maximum amount you can deposit or withdraw is set at USD$2000, offering flexibility for players of all levels. Deposits are processed instantly, allowing you to jump right into the action, while our dedicated team works diligently throughout the day to approve and facilitate withdrawals within a swift 24-hour timeframe.

 We understand the importance of seamless financial transactions, and our commitment to efficiency ensures that your gaming and cashout experiences are both enjoyable and timely.

What games can I play?

Explore an array of distinct gaming categories at Play Perfect Money Games, designed to provide a comprehensive online casino experience. The platform features an variety of table and card games, including baccarat, roulette, casino war, multistrike poker, three-card poker, 3-5-7 poker, and jacks or better, offering enthusiasts strategic challenges and classic favorites. For those who find excitement in the spinning reels, the slots category encompasses popular titles such as money slots, space invasion, and super slots, each with its unique theme and gameplay.

Dive into the realm of chance with the Random Numbers category, featuring games like keno, coin flip, rock-paper-scissors, prize spinner, 9 out of 10, compound boxes, lucky numbers, space invasion, money slots, and slots. Jackpot enthusiasts can test their luck on crime night, space invasion, super slots, mahjong, and mine sweeper, where sizable rewards await the fortunate. Scratch games provide a different dimension, including options like Las Vegas scratch, paper town flip, gold digger, crime night, pirate scratch, and sailor scratch, promising instant thrills.

For those who value skill-based challenges, Play Perfect Money Games also offers mahjong and mine sweeper, where strategic thinking and expertise play a pivotal role in gameplay. With such a diverse selection of gaming categories, players can tailor their experience to suit their preferences, ensuring a well-rounded and engaging online casino adventure.

What is everyone's favorite casino game?

According to the current stats from Play Perfect Money Games, the most played games in ascending order are:

  1. Coin Flip Game (7,385,354 Plays)
  2. Slots (925,994 Plays)
  3. Roulette (401,515 Plays)
  4. Money Slots (560,701 Plays)
  5. Space Invasion (31,680 Plays)

The simpler the game, the more popular it is. Also, we can see 3 slot-type games in the list which indicates that users lean towards the Slot games more than others. 

Is any of these top games one of your favorite casino games? Discover the thrill of our diverse collection featuring classic table/card games, dynamic slots, unpredictable random number challenges, enticing jackpots, instant-win scratch games, and skill-testing favorites. Join us at and immerse yourself in a world where excitement knows no bounds.

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