Wagering Competitions | $300 In Prizes

From January 20th until January 31st (2023), Play Perfect Money Games is hosting a Wagering Competitions that allows all members to play and compete for big cash rewards!

During the competition, most of our casino games are eligible for players to wager and start ranking. The players who wager the most will get a stake of the prize pot. 

How Do I Join The Competition?

You need to play at www.playperfectmoneygames.com

There’s no registration process, you simply need a Perfect Money account with balance in it and you can deposit any amount to start! If you don’t have a Perfect Money account yet, you can read our guide to create a free account.

What Games Are Eligible For The Competition?

There are up to 26 different casino games that you can pick to start playing and grow your wagering records. 


Some games have more wagering weight than others. For example:

If you play a $1-bet on Coinflip, only 25% of the bet will count towards the wagering record ($0.25). While if you play $1-bet on Space Invasion, 100% of the bet will count towards the wagering record.

Here’s a list of the games that give you full credit for your bets towards the competition:

We try to keep our website as simple as possible, so this information is not disclosed in the instructions or details of the Wagering Competition. This is a small treat/benefit for those who like to explore further and discover our Blog section.

When Are Prizes Paid?

After the competition ends, our team is going to validate that all competitors are legit and there’s no fraud or exploit. 

Prizes are usually distributed the next day (but it may take a couple days more if it’s weekend). Our staff is constantly checking for withdrawals and activity within the casino in general. 

If you’d like to join our active Wagering Competition, remember to visit our website using the button below.

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