Top 3 Online Casino Games

Casino games are a fun way to spare some free time and win cash online! From the traditional table/card games to slots and jackpot games, online casino games can be the right entertainment method you’re looking for. In this guide, I ranked the top 3 online casino games based on the popularity and number of plays of different games

Coin Flip Game, test your luck
Coin Flip

Coin flip is the simplest game out there. Simply make a prediction of whether a tail or head will be shown next to win 197% of your bet back

Slots, test your luck

Slot is the basic cherry-type 3 reel slot machine with a chance of a jackpot.

Money Slots, test your luck
Money Slots

Money Slots is a multiline slot with 9 lines (no left-alignment of symbols required), wild symbols, scatter symbols that start a bonus game, double up option after any win, and a set of cool sounds, to make the gameplay more dynamic!

In most real-world casinos, the most popular games are Blackjack, Roulette and Slots. This information is congruent based on the numbers we got from the number of plays of our online casino. As you can see, two slot-themed games are ranking in the top 3 of most played games.

Slots are so popular to players because there are no complicated rules involved.

Spinning the wheel is pretty simple, in fact you just have to repeat this action over and over again! That’s the key factor that makes casino games very popular: simplicity.

Here are my picks for the top 3 online casino games:

Coin Flip Game
  1. Coinflip

    Even more simple than any slot games, this is the classic flip-the-coin game! You have to choose your bet, guess if the coin will flip Heads or Tails and wait for our robot “Max” to make the flip.

    In our casino, you can start betting from $0.05 up to $100 per play. If you guessed right, you’ll win 197% of your play.

    → Fast betting
    → High reward on winning plays

    → High risk as there’s 50/50 chances to win or lose
    → Easy to get greedy and lose big


  2. Slots

    To get started with slots, you select your bet. Press the spin button to spin the slot. You can see the in-game prizetable to see the prize multiplier of any winning combination.

    The slot needs to match the first two or three symbols of the same kind (from left to right) to count as a winning play.

    You can get started from $0.05 and win up to x2400 of your bet if you match three 7’s


  3. Money Slots

    This casino game has a unique touch of cool sounds and visuals to make it big fun to video slot fans! Select bet by selecting the coin value, how many coins you wish to bet on each line, and how many lines you wish to play on.

    See the in-game rules for more details on lines, minigame and payouts. Press spin to spin the slot!

    Check the in-game rules for an exact list of winning combinations. The wild symbol will replace for any other symbol except scatter.

    3x scatter starts the bonus game, where you have to unlock 2 of the chests to collect your winnings. You can always choose to try your luck and double up your winnings up to 5x times!

Money Slots

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