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Slot is the basic cherry-type 3 reel slot machine with a chance of a jackpot. Super simple one-click game with fixed bets and big prizes! This gaming machine is based on random numbers. In this article, we will discuss about how to play slots online.

The slot machine has different set of winning combinations of pairs and triples. At, we support up to 11 winning combinations. 

A winning bet can go from x2 up to x2400.

There’s little strategy you can use in this game, mostly all players have the same odds of winning here! Many players are after this game due to its simplicity. To play slots online you just click on the bet you want to play and watch the reels spin for the outcome.


How Do You Play Slots Online?

Our Slot machine was built from scratch, designed with the MD5 hash algorithm for fairness. To get started, you will need at least $0.05 in your balance.

The steps are very simple:

  1. Fund your balance with Perfect Money
  2. Click on one of the bet choices
  3. Watch the reels spin and see the outcome

You can play unlimited times as long as you have balance in your account. Eventually we send out some Free Spins to active users so you can play completely for free and get actual cash rewards if you have a winning bet.

How Much Can I Win On Slots?

At, the minimum bet is $0.05 and the maximum bet is $1.50. The winning bets go from x2 up to x2400 of your bet. 

You can view the table below which shows the pairs/triples winning combinations and their respective ratio:

Combinations must appear in the same order as shown to win the bet. After you spin the reels, the images are read from left to right. For example, if you get two oranges in the ends and one bell in the middle, you do not apply for the x3 winning. The two oranges must be together starting from 1st to the 2nd reel in order to win.

It’s also invalid if your elements are together but on the middle and last reel. The best combination is the triples of 7’s which would give you a x2400 in return for your bet. 

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