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Roulette is one of the most popular casino table games. Thanks to its open nature, it allows for a wide range of strategies and plays styles that only add to the fun. Roulette is easy to learn, simple to play, and easy to enjoy. In this article, I’ll show you in simple steps how you can get started and play Roulette online.

Play Roulette Online

Choosing the right bet can be a bit difficult as there are 49 options that you can choose from to initiate your play.  

You can bet on a specific number, color, range of numbers or groups. Combined bets are also allowed! 

How can I get started and play Roulette online?

The game has two types of bets that offer different payouts. Let’s look into it:

  1. Inside Bets:
    1 number, Straight Up 35:1
    2 numbers, Split 17:1
    3 numbers, 3 Line 11:1
    4 numbers, 4 Corners 8:1
    6 numbers, 6 Line 5:1
  2. Outside Bets:
    12 numbers, Column 2:1
    12 numbers, Block 2:1
    Even/Odd 1:1
    Red/Black 1:1
    1-18/19-36(High/Low) 1:1

You can place chips on the fable or on whatever you feel like. You can also place more than one chip on the same number or even add to your bet by chipping down.

There are several kinds of bets you can make on this table, and the possibilities are nearly endless. You can choose to bet on one of the individual numbers, or you can combine them all together for a more complex bet. After finalizing the bet, click on the spin to start the game.


Where can I play Roulette online?

There are several websites that offer the Roulette game and other casino games online. It will depend on which payment option suits best for you and where you feel more comfortable playing. In this list, we name a few sites where you can play Roulette online:

1) Play Perfect Money Games

As stated in its name, Play Perfect Money Games is an online casino that supports Perfect Money. There’s no registration required, you only make a deposit to have your account created.

You can make deposits and cashouts starting from 1 USD – deposits are made instantly and cashouts are paid within 24 hours. For deposits, there’s a 0.5% fee and the maximum deposit limit is $5,000 daily. Cashouts have a 1% withdrawal fee and the maximum cashout limit is $1000 daily

You can play Roulette online at Play Perfect Money Games with $0.20 per bet. They have the european wheel and it’s certainly one of the site’s most popular games.

From the old-classy table/card to skill games, Play Perfect Money Games has over 20 different games. Each game was built from scratch by the team. All plays are transparent with the MD5 hash algorithm. You can view the house edge on every game too. 

One of the main features about this casino are the events. They announce events once or twice a month:

1) Wagering Competition (last competition prize pot was 200 USD)
2) Referral Contests (there’s one active competition until the 31st of August – 1st place wins 50 USD)


2) Play Bitcoin Games

You will find all kinds of games in Play Bitcoin Games, from roulette to coin flip, also including poker, slots, scratch games, spinners.

This casino supports Bitcoin and Litecoin payments for deposit and withdrawal. There is no minimum or maximum deposit amount. Any bitcoin amount you send to your PBG deposit address will be added to your balance at the current market rate.

Minimum/maximum cashout amount: $1 / $1,000

Among their games, you can definitely play Roulette online here! Every play starts from 0.4 mBTC.

My Traffic Value

My Traffic Value is a crowd-funding platform that has developed different online businesses since 2014. You can play casino games in their website with +4 payment options supported: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Perfect Money and Payeer.

They have the traditional casino games like Blackjack, Slots and Roulette. You can get started with Roulette by making a deposit of 1 USD and cashout your earnings anytime.


4) Paidverts

Online casino that lets you play for FREE but you can convert your points into real cash! At Paidverts, you can start playing casino games with Bonus Ad Points (BAP) which you can win daily by doing different activities. 

You can play Roulette online with Paidverts with Bonus Ad Points – You can bet from 25 BAP up to 10,000 BAP per play. 

To convert your points into cash, you will need at least 12,000 BAP which can grant you access to the BAP Marketplace. You can sell your BAP for cash with their internal tool and request a withdrawal with Perfect Money.

5) PTCshare

PTCshare is another website that has a Roulette game built in it! You can deposit $1 which gives you 2,360 points to start playing the game. 

For every $1, you get 118% worth in points. Users have played Roulette over 2.7 million times! Very popular among their members. 

Beat the odds here at PTCshare! Multiply your points and have lots of fun playing casino games.

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