Why Should You Sign Up Using Perfect Money | Guide To Perfect Money Sign Up For Free

Having access to a reliable digital payment method is crucial for the correct management of your funds. Additionally, legally established financial entities that support digital currencies open big opportunities for transferring funds all over the world, accessing online activities/sites, and performing or requesting payments with low fees. Granted, you get all these features with Perfect Money. In this article, we’ll explain how to do a Perfect Money Sign Up for free. 

Over the past 16 years, Perfect Money has changed the use of digital currencies by breaking boundaries and replacing the old-fashioned way of sending payments across the world with a unique platform allowing users to transfer, deposit, and withdraw their funds in a safe and sound environment. 

Perfect Money is originally registered in Central America but has its headquarters in Europe. Supporting fiat currencies such as US dollars, Euros, and Gold, “the system features transaction immediacy, 24/7 support, and customizable security settings. Besides, the environment is convenient and universal for both small-to-medium businesses and individuals performing micro-payments” (FBS, 2023). In recent years, Perfect Money has implemented Bitcoin transactions to their portfolio, supporting the newest trends in blockchain technology.

Perfect Money has all the means for you to sign up and start taking advantage of all its benefits and resources that will make your P2P and B2B transactions more secure and faster. Let’s dive into the steps to register a new account.

How To Sign Up On Perfect Money For Free

Creating an account is as simple as registering a new account on any social media or online website. All you need to have in hand is your basic personal information and email address.

Enter the URL of Perfect Money’s official website in your desired Web Browser. A valid and completely safe alternative domain for Perfect Money is www.perfectmoney.is 

Perfect Money's landing page
2) Head over the Signup section 

Fill in the blanks required with your name, country, city, zip code, and email. You can enter optional fields with your address and phone number. Pick the type of account you’ll be using Perfect Money for between personal use or business use. 

Create a unique password and confirm it. You need to enter the numbers shown in the image to prove you’re a human and finally accept and agree with the terms and conditions of Perfect Money.

3) Check your email

An email has been sent to you containing the Member ID and a guide with funding instructions. Make sure to store this message safely for future use or recovery.

Email with text

That's it! You Just Did Your Perfect Money Sign Up For Free!

In three simple steps, you’re all set and you have immediate access to your Perfect Money dashboard and features. You can start accepting payments, deposit using debit or credit cards, perform bank wire deposits, and more!

What's Next On My Perfect Money Account?

Perfect Money offers a wide variety of services and you can explore the features that suit best for you. Let’s discover some of the most used services available on this digital payment platform.

Your account is fully active and eligible to deposit, transfer, and withdraw your funds at any time. If you want to use Perfect Money to send payments, we need to add funds to the wallet.

There are 7 different deposit options to transfer funds to your Perfect Money account:

BANK WIRE: Make an international transaction through your local bank by providing your Perfect Money’s bank account details such as the account number, SWIFT, IBAN, etc. All this information is provided in your dashboard when you select this option as a payment method.

CASH DEPOSIT: You can deposit in cash by visiting a local exchanger near you. Availability may differ depending on the country of residence. 

E-VOUCHER: An e-Voucher is a special code that you can redeem for any Perfect Money account. Also, you can give this code to anybody and they can fund their Perfect Money account anytime. You can send the e-Voucher code to any email or mobile phone number.

The e-Voucher is a convenient way of paying for goods and/or services even if your client doesn’t have a PM account.

CERTIFIED PARTNERS: Perfect Money has partnerships with senders like Western Union and MoneyGram. 

BITCOIN: Following the newest trend in blockchain technology, Perfect Money can open a BTC address in your account to start receiving funds instantly.

UTOPIA USD: Utopia is a stablecoin offered to perform immediate digital transactions. Unlike other crypto-currencies, this stablecoin mimics the price of the US Dollar lowering the risk of holding your funds in this currency.

CREDIT EXCHANGE: Here you can borrow money from other users when needed or profit from lending your money by setting an interest rate.

Pick the option that best suits your needs to add funds to your Perfect Money account

Perfect Money has a diversity of options to add funds, and depending on which option you pick, there can be even further methods in which you can transact your money. For example, by picking Bitcoin as a deposit method, you can add money to a BTC exchanger with a debit or credit card

Why should I sign up to Perfect Money?

As the technology offers more versatility and adapts the trajectory of financial services abroad, it’s very important to at least immerse into the digital form of doing daily activities. 

If you need to communicate with a friend or relative outside the country, you’re 99% most probable of texting this person through a chatting service or making a phone call. Although the old way to send a message by a letter is still in hand, for an urgent matter or time-sensitive situation, the first few will definitely be your preferred route. 

Having a Perfect Money will be a great option for you to start sending money abroad, fast, and secure. 



Perfect Money is a trustworthy and very useful payment processor that can facilitate sending and receiving funds online. With a wide variety of options to either deposit or withdraw, it’s certainly a way in which you can perform transactions across the world instantly and with very low fees.

You can make a Perfect Money sign up for free at their official website.

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