PPMG maintenance sept 2023 update

Sept 2023 Scheduled Maintenance Update

We are out of maintenance – for now

Today we’ve been working with our system admin to try and delete a ton of old unnecessary data (95% in terms of size), that would reduce our monthly costs and improve performance.

We had a procedure in place, that we were hoping would automatically and relatively quickly “solve everything” – but due to the nature of the solution we couldn’t know how fast or slow it would be.

Unfortunately, as you’ve likely noticed, we’ve been in maintenance for over 9 hours, and unfortunately despite our best efforts, we haven’t managed to sort out today what we aimed to. Some of our old databases are simply so massive that this simple approach did not work.

That said, while exploring various options and adjustments, we’ve now set on exploring another option, that would not work “immediately”, but will also not require us to stay in maintenance while we perform it.

The new approach will simply periodically clear up smaller batches of data on autopilot throughout the day, and likely require up to several weeks to clear out completely – while the sites can operate normally.

We will build and deploy this new solution tomorrow, and it should hopefully not require any sort of additional downtime, just a lot longer to “fully clear out”.

It’s been a really long day, so we’ll provide more info on exactly what we are clearing out (it’s essentially just “useless stats & data/statistic”), once we have successfully deployed the solution and have a better and more accurate estimation on how long it will take.

Thanks for your patience and understanding regarding this prolonged downtime today – hopefully it was the only one that was needed, but we still might use a smaller one in the following days if necessary 🙂

Play Perfect Money Games team

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