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Mine Sweeper description and game rules

What is Mine Sweeper?

MineSweeper brings up memories in all of us who used the old Windows version. A super simple, yet addictive game! And we have decided to spice it up with player competitions and ability for the best of you to earn prizes!

In-game Mine Sweeper screenshots

Mine Sweeper in-game image on

Mine Sweeper game rules

  1. Select your board size
  2. Select your bet size to start playing
  3. After making your first click the timer will start, so try to complete the game as quickly as possible for the best score.
  4. Clicking on a mine will end your game.
  5. If you win a game, you will be eligible for entering the daily/weekly/monthly competitions for your board and bet size. The top 60% of scores in each competition will win prizes (read in-game rules for more info).

Mine Sweeper Tips & facts

  • Check the current standings to see if any competitions have a lot of reward piled up but little entries - better win chances if you win!
  • Use right click to place a flag of where you think a mine is - but note, 10 score will be deducted if you do!

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